Newspapers, Radio Stations, Google, Facebook and companies looking for sponsorship LOVE lazy marketers.

They LOVE them because they continually waste money on campaigns. And then they waste some more. Any then the complain that marketing does not work until they get desperate again and waste some more money.

Here’s how not to be a lazy marketer…

1. Clearly Define Your Target Market – Being as specific as you can, who are the most likely people to buy your product. Age, Gender, Demographic, Interests etc. This will help to determine the medium of advertising that you use.

2. Get your AD properly prepared with Good Copy and a Good Offer. There is no point in stuffsaying “Hello – here I am – please buy my stuff” when you should be saying “Hey – this product will change your life and you need it today and look how it has helped these other people as well”!!

3. Do some Testing. Even the best marketing experts in the world write and and create marketing pieces that do not work. In fact they may have 8/9 failures for every massive success that they enjoy. But it does not bother them because in the main, they have identified the failures during a process of test marketing.

  • Why send out 1000 mail pieces when sending 100 will let you know if the campaign will work or not
  • Why use one Google Ad with one Headline when you can create 10 for the same price
  • Why create create ads that work when you send the prospects to a website that fails to convert them to customers
  • Why are you not breaking down and analyzing every step of your process?

Become an expert on the process that is marketing and enjoy an unlimited marketing budget. That’s real marketing.

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About the author,

Hi I’m Derek O’Dwyer. I have been an ActionCOACH for the last 18 years. I live in Clare and work with businesses around Ireland to take their business to the next level. I am passionate about business and providing help and advice. In the past 18 years I have worked with over 400 business owners helping them and their business. I adapt my coaching depending on what you and your business need. I find that each coaching relationship is different but as long as we understand that we have a common objective with timescales, positive things happen quickly. I am a firm believer i the concept of “what you can measure you can manage” and “what you measure you can improve”. Key performance indicators and accountability form the bedrock of my coaching platforms. If making more money from your business, working less hours in your business and having a great team running your business then it’s worth having a discussion with me. If you are willing to implement changes I will be there to help every step of the way. In terms of personal accolades and recognition I have been awarded ActionCOACH of the year in Ireland every year for the last ten years In 2019 I was inducted into the ActionCOACH Global Hall Of Fame I was global Rookie Coach of The Year in 2002 having achieved remarkable success as the first ActionCOACH in Europe. Many of my clients have also received awards from their peers for their business improvements.