Watching the Masters makes you wonder why some people actually thrive under pressure while others seem to crack when they most need their mental strength. Is it something you can prepare for? Can you train your mind to cope, to react in a particular way as events unfold. Most sports psychologists would have you believe that this is the case and in fact most sports superstars would agree. So why do so many business owners not train their minds for success?

If your brain is not trained for success in business, the biggest challenge you will have will napoleanhillbe from yourself. We often call it self sabotage. Have you ever started to doubt your success by saying “I do not deserve to be here, I do not deserve to make a profit, I’m not good enough to be where I am, How come I am suddenly responsible for all these people” And this self talk will have emanated from years of other people telling you the same thing. So what can you do about it?

Alot it would seem. We call is IVVM and we practice it and encourage others to practice it as often as they possibly can. IVVM stands for Idealization, Visualization, Verbalization, Materialization. Sounds Crazy? Yes it does, and it feels crazy too. But remember this… Your brain will believe whatever you tell it to believe and you will achieve a great deal more of what you focus on rather than what you do not focus on. And IVVM addresses this.

Idealization – this is the process of determining exactly what you want to achieve with your life, your business, your family, your friends. In an ideal world what would your life look like?

Visualization – Have you got a visual of this ideal life – We recommend that people get pictures that represent all the things that they would like to achieve in their ideal life and attach a significance to that. If you would like to attain a degree from a top university, get a picture of that university and put it in your line of sight every day. If you would like to visit somewhere in the world, get the picture and start the focus.

Verbalization – This is the key – What do you need to say to yourself every day to combat the negative self talk. What I AM statements do you need to write which will have a positive affect on your life – start with a small list and build it up. Then say it to yourself at every opportunity.

Materialization – Watch what you have started to focus on becoming a reality.

This is not magic, this is not wishful thinking. This is about preparing your mind in a methodological way each and every day – just like you see the golfer in the master do, at every shot.

PS Well Done Adam Scott – Masters Champion 2013!

About the author,

Hi I’m Derek O’Dwyer. I have been an ActionCOACH for the last 18 years. I live in Clare and work with businesses around Ireland to take their business to the next level. I am passionate about business and providing help and advice. In the past 18 years I have worked with over 400 business owners helping them and their business. I adapt my coaching depending on what you and your business need. I find that each coaching relationship is different but as long as we understand that we have a common objective with timescales, positive things happen quickly. I am a firm believer i the concept of “what you can measure you can manage” and “what you measure you can improve”. Key performance indicators and accountability form the bedrock of my coaching platforms. If making more money from your business, working less hours in your business and having a great team running your business then it’s worth having a discussion with me. If you are willing to implement changes I will be there to help every step of the way. In terms of personal accolades and recognition I have been awarded ActionCOACH of the year in Ireland every year for the last ten years In 2019 I was inducted into the ActionCOACH Global Hall Of Fame I was global Rookie Coach of The Year in 2002 having achieved remarkable success as the first ActionCOACH in Europe. Many of my clients have also received awards from their peers for their business improvements.