Arrogant people rarely add value to a team or company performance in the long term. Burgundy-bigdealThey are often seen as self serving. They have little respect for other team members, suppliers and very often customers. Being arrogant is a decision that the person makes every day. They will continue to make this decision because they will feel it serves them well. Why? because so few people are brave enough to confront an arrogant person and see it through.

Arrogance is often mistaken for confidence. They are completely different. Arrogance exudes a negative force in any workforce, breeds fear into employees and generally is not conducive to a positive work environment. Confidence exudes a positive force, can empower team members and leads to improved team work and increased profitability.

Arrogance can also lead to mistakes being made because they arrogant person will rarely admit to not knowing how to do something and they will rarely allow themselves to be corrected. The team member is often fearful about confronting this team member, irrespective of the fact that a mistake is being made and losses are being incurred.

Dealing with arrogance can be a challenge but it is not an insurmountable task. We deal with it every day in organisations and at every level.

If you have an issue with arrogance – get in touch.

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