You are faced with a challenge. A vacancy has occurred on your team. An important role, promote-or-hirecritical to the success of your business. Looking around, there is no candidate expressing an interest in the role, nor can you see anyone that you think would fit the bill.

So do you immediately recruit from outside?

Or do you decide to take a good look at your organisation and re-evaluate your skills requirement?

Both choices have merit and both choices carry risks.

Avoid a knee jery reaction about how the business will manage in the next week.

Your decision needs to be formed based on whats best for the business in the long term. And your decision needs to be based on the skills and attributes required for the future rather than older skills being repeated.

Is the business currently headed in the right direction or does it need to be steered differently?

Is the business growing at the right pace or does it need an external injection?

What skills do you have within the company that are transferable?

How would the rest of the team feel if you recruit externally? Maybe the job had been coveted quietly by many for a while and maybe they would also like to apply for the role?

This is a time in the business for true leadership and clarity of vision. the decision you make will have an immediate an long lasting impact.

If you do happen to make a decision that is proven wrong, correct it immediately by making another decision – don’t protect it at a cost to the business – correct it.

The correct decision, based on what is best for the business in the long term, best for the future of the entire team and best for you financially will be easy to articulate and will make sense once properly thought out. Take the time to weigh all the options.

Generally we encourage promotion from within. You know what you are getting. Other team members will be motivated by it, you can demand results faster and there is more commitment immediately.

University studies also suggest that employers give much easier appraisals to new joiners for up to 2 years after they join a company. That’s a long time to wait in my opinion.

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About the author,

Hi I’m Derek O’Dwyer. I have been an ActionCOACH for the last 18 years. I live in Clare and work with businesses around Ireland to take their business to the next level. I am passionate about business and providing help and advice. In the past 18 years I have worked with over 400 business owners helping them and their business. I adapt my coaching depending on what you and your business need. I find that each coaching relationship is different but as long as we understand that we have a common objective with timescales, positive things happen quickly. I am a firm believer i the concept of “what you can measure you can manage” and “what you measure you can improve”. Key performance indicators and accountability form the bedrock of my coaching platforms. If making more money from your business, working less hours in your business and having a great team running your business then it’s worth having a discussion with me. If you are willing to implement changes I will be there to help every step of the way. In terms of personal accolades and recognition I have been awarded ActionCOACH of the year in Ireland every year for the last ten years In 2019 I was inducted into the ActionCOACH Global Hall Of Fame I was global Rookie Coach of The Year in 2002 having achieved remarkable success as the first ActionCOACH in Europe. Many of my clients have also received awards from their peers for their business improvements.