Coaching the management team in a company to achieve their own aim and those of the company is different to coaching the owner of a business where they results and rewards are directly felt. The management team in any organisation is critical to the success of the business. They are the conduit of all information from the leadership to the rest of the team. They are the guardians of the culture of the business and they are the people who can directly influence the team members with attitude and commitment. It is important to remember that the management team have their own vision, goals and purpose as well and know what these are can only assist in the creation of a brilliant teams. We find through our coaching that business owners very often neglect to look after their management teams, often taking the for granted because they spend so much time in the trenches together. We suggest the following:

  • Quarterly reviews with all senior management with a focus on them and their role within the business.
  • Paying particular attention to the “peter principle” where people get promoted to their level of incompetence and then stay there. Very often people do not always want promotion after promotion.
  • Pay attention to what they want and their aspirations.
  • Taking good notes on the review to allow reflection and notes.
  • Receiving good feedback at all times from the management team.
  • Always working on succession.
  • Having a clear vision yourself for the business that you can discuss and share with the management team

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Portrait, Derek ODwyer
About the author, Derek ODwyer

Derek O'Dwyer is an ActionCOACH practice owner. He has been coaching businesses in Ireland for nearly 20 years.