Work With Derek

Does helping others to succeed get you excited?
Are you ready for a career that is fulfilling and rewarding?
Do you enjoy working with a highly motivated team?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then YOU may be just the Employee Business Coach we have been looking for!


You’ll describe yourself as:

  • Friendly
  • Poised
  • Determined
  • Self-reliant
  • Confident
  • Generous
  • Self-assured
  • Persistent
  • Eager
  • Flexible

You’ll have experience in previous or current roles working and interacting with business owners in fields such as:

Insurance, Marketing, Banking, Media Sales, Printing, Training Consultant, Staffing, Merchant Services, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Planning, or perhaps you are a solo business coach seeking a dynamic team to join or you’ve been a business owner yourself in the past.

You’ll already be active in networking groups or associations

and relationships established in the Tampa Bay business community. You’ll be confident in your ability to influence and invite 6 established, successful, local business owners to attend a two-hour breakfast to learn more about business coaching.

The focus of this position consists of the following areas:

Coaching Clients

  • Delivering Training Days;
  • Delivering Alignments;
  • Preparation of Internal Alignment Reports;
  • Coaching Clients one on one;
  • Critiquing Clients’ Homework, and Work with
  • Managing Partner re: paperwork & timing of new client induction.

Delivery of Workshops, Seminars, and Training Programs:

  • Presentation of Six Steps to a Better Business Workshops
  • Presentation of Quarterly Planning/ GrowthCLUB
  • Presentation of Monthly Training.
  • Presentation of Other Training Workshops.

Lead Generation

  • Networking at local business functions and events;
  • Inviting attendees and successfully filling monthly Six Steps to a Better Business Workshops
  • Initiation & Follow up of Referrals.

Attend Team Meetings, conferences, and team training.

  • Attend weekly team meetings on Mondays;
  • Attend Florida-Georgia bi-annual team meetings;
  • Attend regional and national conferences (at your cost).

Personal Development and Coaching

  • Utilize & Manage a Default Calendar that is aligned with the Coach Trainer.
  • Utilize & Manage a 90 Day Plan that is created and aligned with the Coach Trainer.

Key Performance Indicators of Success within First 90 Days:

Client Results:

  • Ability of clients to set and achieve goals.
  • Value of coaching session (consistently score 9-10).
  • Client satisfaction survey (quarterly reviews – Note: Should consistently score above 7-8 on each area).
  • Every Mentor Client must have a 90 day plan in place for every quarter and this is to be verified by the Coach
  • Trainer within 10 days of the commencement of each quarter.
  • Must collect financial data from all clients on a monthly basis.

Client Retention:

  • Average retention period of 18 months (Minimum Target per mentor: 12 months).
  • Weekly client contact to encourage progress and follow through in between coaching sessions.
  • Client participation in group events including Quarterly Socials, Quarterly Planning/GrowthCLUB, and
  • Monthly Trainings.


  • Number of books read/courses attended (Target 3 books per month, 1 course per month). 1 Page book summary to be presented to Coach Trainer on each book read.
  • One 250-300 word book review completed each month on one of the three books you read.
  • Knowledge demonstrated in presentation of ActionCOACH concepts within team & externally.
  • Regular interchange of knowledge with fellow team members.


  • Score for presentation skills as assessed by participants (Target Average Score of 8).
  • Attend and support at least 75% of all workshops, seminars and training days run by the Present or support in a minimum of 2 presentations per month (g.,: Monthly Training, Workshops, Quarterly Planning/GrowthCLUB).


  • Must attend all ACTB Team Monday meetings every week.
  • Must attend all business development activities as assigned and agreed.
  • Must attend all Coach Trainer coaching sessions every week.

Business Generation KPI’s:

  • 2 referrals per month;
  • 6 new businesses in Six Steps to a Better Business workshop per month; and
  • 3 new coaching client per month.


  • Must be an active member of a weekly networking group.
  • Must attend a minimum of one additional networking event each week.