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How the Free Coaching Session Process Works

Fill Out The Contact Form Below

Fill out the contact information below. This will include basic questions about your business allowing me to learn a bit about your business and your goals

Fill out the questionnaire to tell me about your business

Before we begin any coaching I would like you to tell me a bit about your business. I need to make sure that I am not wasting your time with business coaching.

Once you submit your request I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will ask you some basic information about your business and how you run it.

After you have submitted the questionnaire I will review it and tailor our coaching session to suit you and your business requirements

We have a quick chat

The next part of the process involves a short phone or video call with me. We will discuss your business allowing me to get a more in depth knowledge of your business and the type of coaching you will require. During this call we will discuss and arrange a time and date for your free introductory coaching session.

Attend your free Business Coaching Introductory Session

After a time and date have been arranged we will meet either in person or online and you will experience what it is like to have a coaching session. This session will involve both practical work and business training. I will tailor this session based on the information previously provided to give you the most suitable coaching system.

When you leave this meeting you will know the services I provide and how we can use them to take your business to the next level.

Figure out your next step

After the first session you may decide that my business coaching isn't for you and that's totally fine. However if you want to continue to explore growth strategies, learn how to improve your team performance and become a better leader through our coaching sessions, we can discuss the intensity of the coaching you will need.

I tailor all business training to suit you and your business and I am open to your input on how you would like our future coaching sessions to go. Together we can work and take your business to the next level.

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